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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Analyst – Content Management & Web Development @ Oman

Analyst – Content Management & Web Development Apply

Content Management:

·         Develop and maintain Omantel websites by designing offline and online creative visual and animated materials including, but not limited to, email advertisements, monthly e-bill newsletter, online corporate newsletter and other web activities
·         Produce designs (website /e-newsletter) with a particular focus on the ways in which goals for the site and the needs of users can be met through the provision of appropriate content
·         Create, maintain, and manage content of the website by gathering of information and the integration of data from other departments
·         Introduce quality standards for designs and maintain consistency
·         Plan and implement Online Marketing Collaterals to stimulate service usage
·         Collaborate with internal Departments in understanding their needs and communication objectives in order to establishing creative direction

Web Development:

·         Ensure that selected portals are kept up-to-date by collaborating with various Departments and Vendors on updating the content in a timely manner
·         Assist in analyzing the performance of the portals and make necessary adjustments to insure maximum availability and performance including capacity planning

Operational Execution:

·         Use metadata and other methods to optimize search engine positions
·         Archive and backup website contents
·         Compile and analyze website usage statistics
·         Obtain, analyze and implement user feedback
·         Provide ongoing technical support to customers, clients or members using the online portals

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