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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

School Library Management Section Manager

Job TitleSchool Library Management Section Manager
DivisionSchool Operations
Contract TypePermanent
Experience6+ years' to 12 years' experience
SkillsTo manage and develop an efficient and effective library service for all schools in the Emirate, develop a well monitored procurement strategy and ensure teaching and learning objectives are met for encouraged use of the library by students and staff.
 Advise the Division Director on all matters related to the development of and implementation plans and strategies to enhance the management and utilization of school libraries and education resource centres to the benefit of students, enrichment of the curriculum and enhancement of teaching and learning programs in ADEC schools;
 Implement ADEC’s approved plans and strategies for school libraries and education resource centres;
 Develop and implement approved strategies and programs aimed at improving the skills of school librarians and associated staff and the way such staff  work collaboratively with other teachers to enhance the teaching and learning experience of students;
 Work collaboratively with the Curriculum Division to ensure that the development, maintenance and procurement of resources for school libraries and education resource centres support the implementation of ADEC’s curriculum in schools;
 Provide advice on the equipment, furniture and other facilities required to ensure that school libraries and education resource centres are able to facilitate teaching and learning in schools;
 Develop strategies and plans that enable school librarians and associated staff to organize activities, events and access to information that encourage cultural awareness and the ability to access appropriate local, regional and national information resources;
 Develop and implement strategies in schools aimed at encouraging and sustaining in students the habit of enjoyment of reading and learning throughout their lives;
 Ensure that school libraries and education resource centres in schools provide students with access to local, regional, national and global information, from diverse but valid sources, aimed at supporting their learning and acquisition;
 Oversee the development of maintaining specific collection standards defining the number, language and type mix of school library acquisitions;
 Oversee the development of an overarching procurement strategy; and manage book, journal, electronic information and library equipment/furniture purchasing contracts (in coordination with Procurement and Contract Division) to ensure timely procurement and distribution of books, journals and other media, electronic and otherwise, to schools;
 Provide advice to the Infrastructure and Facilities Division on school library/education resource centre layout design for school refurbishment and new school construction;
 Prepare ADEC’s overall budget estimates for school libraries and education resource centres and ensure that these support strategies and plans that have been approved by ADEC;
 Maintain a book stock database and manage the selection, order and remain in control of library stock in all schools in the Emirate and ensure content is in line with curriculum needs;
 Encourage appropriate use of the library and provide a programme of library education for students and staff;
 Perform other duties as requested.
LocationAbu Dhabi
Ref. No.ADEC-00226

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